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Fighting Games (134)
Legacy of Agony Fighters Rampage Saber Mania Celebrity Smackdown 3 Muay Thai Hobo 3
K vs K Fighting System Chaos Faction 2 If I Ruled Design Power Fox 4 Fight Fight 3 Chaos Faction
  2D Knockout
  3 Foot Ninja
  3 Foot Ninja II
  Aevarron's Coliseum
  Agh Zombies Attack Again
  All Monsters Attack
  Amoeba Amoeba
  Angel Fighters
  Ant Ken-Do
  Arnes De Mano
  Artificial Junk
  Battle - Lord of the Ring
  Battle Blitz
  Bleach Versus
  Bloody Rage
  Box10 Brawl
  Brawler Bear Arena
  Bruce Lee
  Buccaneer Broadside Battle
  Bullet Time Fighting
  Bully Basher
  CC Fight Club
  Celebrity Smackdown 3
  Celebrity Smackdown 4
  Chaos Faction
  Chaos Faction 2
  Chicken Chaser
  Christmas Combat
  Christmas Elf Game
  Chuck Norris
  Cosmic Warriors
  Crazy Flasher 3
  Crazy Flasher 4
  Cube Combat
  Darnell's Recount Beat Down
  Downing Street Fighter
  Dragon Fist 2
  Dragon Fist 3
  Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior
  Dragon Stick Z
  Dragonball Z Flash Dimension
  Drastic Plastic
  Dubbed & Dangerous Game
  Dummy Crusher 2
  Dusty The Xtreem X-Mas Turkey
  Electric Man 2
  Element Saga ch 3 A
  Element Saga Ch5 Demo
  Element Saga Chapter 4
  Element Saga Chapter 5
  Element Saga ep 5-7
  Element Saga ep1-4
  Fan & Ball
  Fight Fight 2
  Fight Fight 3
  Fight Me!
  Fighters Rampage
  Final Battle
  Flash Bash
  Forever Samurai
  Gates Vs Jobs
  Geek Fighter
  Hobo 3
  If I Ruled Design
  Irish Rage
  Jingle Ballistics
  K vs K Fighting System
  Kill Bill
  Kung Fu Remix
  Kung-Fu Grandpa
  Legacy of Agony
  Let The Fight Begin
  Mario Combat
  Mario Combat Deluxe
  Mascot Kombat
  Metal Arm Fawege
  Mobs Down
  Mogo Mogo
  Muay Thai
  Muay Thai 2
  Muay Thai v2
  Muay Thai v3
  Newgrounds Rumble
  Ninja Assault
  Ninjotic Mayhem
  Nuclear Justice 2084
  Nunchuck Charlie
  Obama Crazy Tale
  Paw Paw Miaw
  Pencak Silat
  Pencak Silat: Defender
  Planetary Forces
  Portal Defenders
  Power Fox 4
  Power Swing
  Powerfox v0.3
  Presidential Knockout
  RoBoxer 2
  Saber Mania
  Samurai Warrior
  Sandwich Vs Bagel
  SB Stage 1
  SB Stage 2
  Shogunate: Samurai Spirit
  Sinjid Battle Arena
  Spartacus First Blood
  Street Fighter 2
  Street Fighter II Champion Edition
  Sumo Slam
  Super Fighter
  Super Fighters Rampage
  Super Ninja Strike
  The Viking
  This Bunny Kills
  This Bunny Kills 2
  Total Rockout
  Trojan Hero
  Weird Fighters
  White House Joust
  World Domination Battle
  Zelda: C.O.W.A
  Zombie Exploder
  Zombie Fight Club

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